On-Page SEO

First look at the On-page Search Engine Optimization (SEO). For this, first consider your website’s structure. Your website must be user-friendly. When user explore your website. He can get the desired information easily. Through your user-friendly website, people can get their desired information in few mouse clicks. For this, the whole website contents should be well-managed and easy to navigate. The navigation of your website should be properly mentioned on the top and footer of every page. Furthermore, your website should be mobile friendly. So, any one of your users can explore your website on different devices like mobile, tablet or any other device. Your website’s contents should be responsive for all kind of devices. The internal links of the websites are also focused which means your domain have links to the different pages of the same domain name. Internal links are very useful for the building powerful architecture of your website.


The sub pages of your website should be clearly mentioned on the top and end of the each page. For example Home page, about us, and content pages are clearly mentioned. So user can easily go to the other pages of your website from any page.

Image Alt Tag

If you are optimizing your web pages. You should check the HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) of your website. The HTML document should have “Alt image tag (Alternative text)” of the whole contents of your website and especially for the images. This will would be a phrase or collection of words. That contains the keywords. The respective alternative text will appear if any image will not be available.


The HTML document should have the robot.txt file or the robots exclusion standards. It is also known as the robots exclusion protocol. Robot.txt file is a standard for the website communication with the web crawlers or robots. This file contain the records both “/support-desk/index.html” and “/support/index.html” and other file in the supportive directories. The Web Robots like Crawlers or Spiders are the programs that look out the web automatically. The /robots.txt file give information about a website to the web robots.

Heading Tags

Your website should contain the headings of each content. For this, the contents are managed by the headings tags (h1, h2, h3 …) of the HTML. It tells the search engine. What a page contents are actually about.


The most important thing about the optimization of your website is the keywords. Keywords is the most essentials part of the on-page and off page Search Engine Optimization (SEO). That means how people can search a particular thing by using any search engine. Keywords may be a single word or collection of words that are related to the particular search result. For example, if you own a fashion website. How can people search for the fashion? They have to write some specific words about the fashion like latest women fashion, and fashion wears for men. If you have a sufficient amount of keywords related to the men and women fashion. The robots of the search engines examine your website and place your site in the top ranking of search results related to the fashion. If you want more striking optimization results then you have to use most relevant keywords in your website contents and articles. You should use proper keywords in your web pages descriptions. If you own a newly launched website then you must use moderate and low competition keywords for your website. You can use the most powerful Google keywords planner tool to manage the keywords for the optimization of your website.You should use such kind of specific words in page descriptions of your website. The keywords more than two words are called long tail keywords. Like people mostly search with “how to” and “what is”. So, adding this in your website contents or the keywords will give you more prominent results. The main or primary keyword of any websites is the Url.

Meta tags

Meta tags are the small piece of the text that describe the page contents of the website. Generally, it is known as the information about the contents. It doesn’t appear on the page itself. A little description in the Meta tags helps the search engine to know actually about the contents. Using this tags is a good practice in Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Important HTTP Status Codes

If a user sends a request to the website server for your website through the HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) then this protocol tells the user about the current status. If any problem occurs then the protocol shows the three digit codes of the error.
Following are some HTTP Status codes and what these all indicates.


The 404 error is the standard responsive code of HTML. Which means the user was capable to communicate with the server but the web server could not sort out. For what the user requested. If 404 error appears related to any website that means the corresponding file is not found”404 Not Found”. The page or website that user try to get is broken or dead link.

200 OK error

200 error means, that the request by the user was received, understood but in the processing stage.
What does it mean?
The request of the user succeeded. The information returned with the response is dependent on the request method

300 Multiple Choices

The requested resource has many choices and cannot be merged into one. For example, the landing page has many languages but depend on which language is wanted or requested by the user.

301 Moved Permanently

505 Error

505 error refers internal server error. This is very common HTTP status code. Which means something is wrong with the website server. The server could not sort out the fault/problem. The server could not support or refuse to support the HTTP data stream request to the website server by the web browser of the user.

Proper URL

URL of any website is the primary keyword. For example, if you own a health and fitness website. The URL of the website must be according to the website theme like health and care.com. The website URL shows what you are actually presenting to the people or your website is actually about. So if you are planning to launch a website then use online domain purchasing sites like godaddy.com and name.com to get the suggestions about your website domain name or URL.The URL of any website is the primary keyword. So be careful while selecting the primary keyword of your website.

Page loading time

The page speed is referred to the loading speed of your website pages, described as the “page load time”. How much time a browser required to get the first byte of your website’s contents. To get the better speed of your website your website inline CSS, JavaScript and HTML must be minimum. You have to improve the response time of your server. The search engine does not waste it’s time to crawl the slow pages and minimize its crawling. The user never admires the slow loading of a web page. He use to move on to the next site.